Winter is icky...

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. So Mom and I are up wayyy early this morning because the snowplows and other fun icky-weather prevention equipment are very loud and obnoxious and make it very difficult to sleep! It is very, very icy and snowy here in Muskingum County; we are on a level two snow emergency, which basically means you shouldn't drive unless you really feel like you need to. The view outside our window is very...well, shiny! It's pretty, but also very dangerous for someone who has moderate difficulties with balance and mobility, and who uses a crutch like Mom does. Luckily for us, Muskingum showed some compassion and canceled class for us today!!! (o:

I have a funny story to tell you guys too! Well, okay, so maybe it wasn't so funny then, but it is now! For those of you who don't know, Mom has a golf cart on campus that she uses to get around. Her best friend, who usually drives us around, broke her collarbone and is in a sling for the next six weeks at minimum, so Mom decided she wanted to practice driving the cart. Our friend Lisa came over to help Mom practice on Friday night, and we all decided we were hungry so we went to the cafe on campus to get something to eat. The drive over was fine, and Mom did really well. When we went to drive back, however, I made the mistake of sitting on the GO pedal of the cart and caused Mom to almost crash!! Mom and Lisa were screaming right before Mom got us stopped and this group of guys came over to make sure we were all okay. Because of my little stunt, I have now earned a new designation in my name. In addition to being CCI's Jen II, I am now also known as SDSD I, which Mom says stands for Speed Demon Service Dog the First. (o:

In other news, it's one of two big days for our good friend Maddie! The CCI pup she raised, Tyanna, made it all the way through Advanced Training and possibly has made a match for February Team Training!!! She gets one call today about Ty, and then the next on February 4th. We are hoping and praying that Ty follows in my footsteps and finds an amazing partner, just like I did! A random fact about me and Ty is that we share the same birthdate, April 19th! [Kara: Maddie informed me of this last night, and I thought it was cool. (o:] I am a year older, of course!

In addition, it is almost time to celebrate the one-year mark of Mom and I's graduation from CCI!!! We are SO excited; this time has flown by!! Here's to many more happy, healthy working years as a team! (o: Oh, and Mom turns 19 the day before our "anniversary", so we will be celebrating that as well!!

Other than that, not much has really been going on. We are trying to stay safe and warm during this horrible weather, and our second semester seems to be going pretty darn well! We hope our friends out there are staying safe and healthy during this winter season!!!

That's it for now.

Until next time,


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

We can sympathize with the winter blues...

Maddie said...

thanks for the shout out jen!