Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Boy, it's been a while, hasn't it? So much has been going on that I just had to update! Did you notice the new look? ;-)

This month has been AWESOME! February 14, 2009. CCI NCR Graduation Ceremony. It was the most special event Mom and I had ever been to, besides our own graduation, of course. It was Tyanna's own graduation ceremony, as a Skilled Companion for a wonderful little boy named Jackson. Maddie and Mom and Maddie's Mom were all bawling their eyes out the whole time, while I got to spend some final one on one with my buddy Tyanna before she officially became an assistance dog! The proudest and most exciting moment for all of us was when Maddie handed the leash over to Jackson and his dad; ohhhh mannnn. :-D [Kara: Um, so Maddie wanted me to take pictures of the moment, and I think I failed. A lot.] The graduation was all sorts of celebrations at once: a graduation, two birthdays [Mom's and Maddie's], AND an anniversary [OURS!] In short, it was WONDERFUL, and Mom and I are so glad we got to be there to support Maddie!!

February 15th, 2009. MOM'S 19TH BIRTHDAY!!! Party! Well, okay, not really; we didn't do much that day. Mom and Aunt Josie got some presents, ate a special birthday dinner, then had cake and ice cream with the family. :-) I got put on my bed the whole time. :'-( Mom got something she called the Twilight Saga [books] that she was VERY excited about! :-) We also got a call from Mary Beth; that made the day SO much more special!

February 16th, 2009. OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF GRADUATION FROM CCI!!! What an AMAZING day! Mom and I went out to lunch with our friend Melissa (Mom was all CCI'd up for the occasion, of course!) and then we went out to dinner with Lisa. We had our first public access issue that night; apparently someone had tried to bring their pet puppy into the restaurant the week before, so the management was being extra careful. We handled it beautifully though, of course. :-D During dinner, who should call but Mary Beth? AGAIN! Twice in two days? WE'RE SO SPECIAL!!! What a great day that was.

And now Mom's back to boring old school stuff, and I'm back to sleeping through her classes and snuggling with her in bed every night. :-) I love my life. :-D

That's it for now.

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Maddie said...

i LOVE the post! :)

what a special day!

suzanne e-mailed me asking me to raise another pup....

Margie and Mimi said...

Small world this CCI one of ours.

We've gone to play with Hermonie several times. This is not directly related to the post, but rather list of dog friends (on right side of blog)

Margie and Mimi, HD