Wow, it's been too long!

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Sorry I haven't been updating so much; it's been hard with all my recent medical problems! :( I have a urinary tract infection (but I'm almost done with antibiotics!) and I'm LEAKING!! *cowers in embarrassment* Mom says that she and Grandma are going to take me to the vet tomorrow and see what he says, but she thinks I'm going to have to go on another PILL twice a day for THE REST OF MY LIFE to stop the leaking. Ugh! She says I won't mind it, and for her sake, I hope she's right!

Being *sick* is torture; I'm not allowed to sleep in Mom's bed or cuddle with Grandma on the couch anymore because of my leaking. :'( I really hope I get over this soon, because I hate not being able to be close to the ones I love!

Only a few more weeks until we move into Finney Hall! Mom and I are SO excited!!! We love Muskingum College and we CAN'T WAIT to live there full time! Hopefully on the 15th we can go up to Blacklick and stay with Mary Beth, Jengo, and their "D" pup coming August 6th! Mom and I really miss them, and it would be so super fun to get to hang out AND go to graduation, since it's the last one we'll probably be able to go to for a while. :(

Mom and I want to send out a major THANK YOU to our buddies Madz and Andi for making us the AWESOME new banner that you see at the top of our blog! We LOVE it!!!! :)

That's all for now.

Until next time,


Andros said...

OH I love it! It looks great! If you want a different pic. just send it to me or post it on the blog! Also if you change your "Border color" to the same as you "background" color the banner will blend in better(You can do that in "customize"! Also I HOPE to see you in May '09 when I turn in! Maybe we can!

~Madison & Andros

Thida said...

Sorry you're sick. A few months ago I had smelly itchy ears for a while (an ear infection) I felt bad because a little girl ran away from saying I smelled bad. I still remember that because I felt awful. Usually kids love me. My human put some eardrops in my ears and now I don't smell bad. She still has to clean my ears everyday but I get BELLY RUBS afterwards. See if yours will give you BELLY RUBS once you get better.


Shadow said...

I hope you get to feeling better!

Andros II & Madison said...

Love the new blog look! :)

Shadow said...

Did, u change the background or have I just not noticed?

Mary Beth said...

YEAH for the pictures!! I love 'em! We feel famous! :-) Jengo thinks it's pretty cool too :-) They're all GREAT!!! Keep up the good work on the blog! We love it!