A working girl never quits!

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Sorry I haven't been posting for a bit; nothing exciting to talk about! The fourth of July was fun fun fun! I went to a cookout at Mom's aunt & uncle's house and got some carrots, then we came home and I watched the fireworks with Mom! I LOVED them, contrary to the reaction of most dogs!

So Mom took some pictures of me last night "in action" and told me I had to post them on here for you all to see. I'm so proud that I can be such a big help to my Mom; THANK YOU Jill, Mary Beth, Randy & Melissa, and my AT Trainer Tonya for teaching me everything I know! I'm full of pride to be a Service Dog from CCI! Catch the rhyme? :D

Oooh I almost forgot; Mom bought me a black Gentle Leader from Petsmart.com; she figures if I wear a black one, Grandma will be more likely to be ok with it cause it won't be as obvious as the blue one that CCI gave us! Mom is planning to use the Gentle Leader at college because she figures it will cause less irritation than the metal chain and pinch collars we've used before, plus she says it's a more "humane" alternative. Mom says she wants everyone out there to know this: IT IS NOT A MUZZLE!!! ...Apparently those kind of comments tick her off a good bit...

Anyway, that's all for now.

Until next time,

Me in action!!!

Me on Mom's lap

Turning off the light switch in the hallway...got to be careful with the drywall!

Pushing our bedroom door shut

Jumped up on our bed

Getting Mom's cell phone off of her desk for her

Laying under Mom's desk

I'm environmentally conscious!

Tugging Mom's desk drawer open

All work and no play? Don't think so! Check out my famous, fabulous bunny pose!


Andros said...

I love the post! I love the action shots! So cute!

Tennessee Girl said...

Oh looks so fun. I love those advanced commands. *woof*


XAgirl said...

So who gets more room on the bed you or the dog? i always start with the most room, but wake up a few hours later to a leg dangling off the bed! Havent teh heart to kick her to the floor just yet.
Alehe lays on her belly like that quite a bit. Funny, but sometimes I catch her with a front leg sticking straight up in the air.
Love the pop bottle in the mouth. That is Alehe's favorite toy. My dad got her started when taking her to the beach. It was the only thing he had to throw for her. Now whether you are done with the pop or not, she will try to slink off with your pop bottle. Plastic of course.
I just realized i don't take enough pictures of my dog.
Right now she is spending a few days with her puppyraiser while I visit friends and family here in CA. All these years adn she sitll goes gaga over seeing her puppyraiser.

Andros said...


Shadow said...

Cute pictures!