Last day.

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Yesterday wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be. We went to the lighthouse, and they had a lightkeeper's house that was a museum. Mom and I walked in, and the guy in charge was like, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but the dog can't be in the building." I was wearing my vest!!! Grandma thought quick and told him that I was Mom's service dog: "Oh, well, that's okay then." Just lovely.

Then we went to this place where Mom said the food was really good: Teach's Bar & Grill. I really liked the waitress because she gave me water and ice cubes. :)

After that we went to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum; we spent a whopping 15 minutes in there; not too exciting.

Today is our final full day at Cape Hatteras Island. Tomorrow we shove off for Ohio, for home, at 6 a.m. This has been fun, but it will be so nice to be home again. Mom's pink laptop is waiting for her at home, so she's super excited about that! Uncle Cash (Black Lab/Rottweiler mix) and Aunt Jasmine (calico cat) here I come!!!

That's all for now.

Until next time,


Andros said...

Hope you have a safe trip home!

Shadow said...

The public really needs to learn to regognoze a WORKING dog when they see one, even a duide or service dog in training is still a working dog. SHEESH!