We are CCI Recruiters! :-)

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. These last couple of days have been good ones for CCI! Mom has a friend at Muskingum who is REALLY interested in becoming a PR for CCI, so she hooked her up with Suzanne [Kara: The North Central Region's Puppy Program Manager, or PPM] and Mary Beth (who we thought would do a better job of explaining the whole puppy raising thing, since we're grads and not PR's!)! Hopefully this summer she can start her journey of being a puppy raiser! [Kara: Lisa is my very good friend, and we've discussed her and I maybe being co-raisers; another special and FUN way to get involved with CCI!!!] That's not the only development though! There's a little boy that goes to our home church here; he was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome, and he is in a wheelchair, non-verbal. Cutest little guy EVER, though, and he really seems to like ME! :-D [Kara: Of course he does, Jen, who wouldn't like you?] So Mom and Grandma told the little boy's grandpa about CCI, and he said he would look into applying!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Mom and I are on a roll!!! :-D

[Kara: I REALLY hope that Lisa and I can be co-raisers....REALLY, REALLY, REALLY!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited about the prospect of doing this!!!!! Sorry, just had to get that out.] :-)

Other than that, things have been rather slow here; we've just been watching the snow fall! I LOVE the snow! [Kara: Jen, it would be more ACCURATE to say that you love EATING the snow!] I can't WAIT for Christmas!!! :-D

That's it for now.

Until next time,


Lisa and Ellie said...

Wow - that's awesome! GO YOU!

Sarah and Shadow said...

Great job!
That's incredible!
I'm hoping to become a puppy raiser, I've asked my om and have her some facts but I think I may have to wait a little longer!


Madison and Andros said...

Yay! Good job guys!!!!

Penelope said...

Yay! Go CCI recruiters! :) Hope you had a great Christmas!