Not a good day for Mom. :(

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Yesterday was a blast; we went to the movies and saw "Get Smart"! I LOVE Steve Carrell; he's hilarious!! We also went to the most awesome seafood place near our beach house called Dirty Dick's Crabhouse, and everyone got Dirty Dick's t-shirts...well, except me and Cory; Mom couldn't find a t-shirt in my size. :(

This morning, me and Mom and Aunt Robyn got up way early so that we could take a walk on the beach and see the sun rise; BEAUTIFUL. It was really fun for a while, but then disaster struck. I was walking with Aunt Robyn down the final set of wooden steps before we would be back at the house, and I heard it: Mom's crutch slipped out from under her, she lost her balance, and completely rolled down the flight of eight wooden stairs...in her pj's!!! She got to the bottom and couldn't get her breath back, so Aunt Robyn went and got Grandpa who helped my mom walk back to the house. I feel so bad that I couldn't do more to help comfort Mom, but she seems to be feeling better now.

Aunt Kaeli, Aunt Josie, Aunt Robyn, and Uncle Christofer are going to some Adventure Water Park place today; me and Mom are opting out because she feels too sore and bruised to do much of anything...can't say I blame her!!! So we're just gonna chill here today with Grandma and Grandpa and Cory and make our own fun, hopefully coming out on the other side with no injuries sustained!

Keep my mom in your thoughts, please; it would make me feel a whole lot better to know that her friends were thinking of and supporting her. :)

That's it for now.

Until next time,


Andros said...

Ohh....I am sorry Kara(& Jen of coarse) I hope you feel better...have a fun day relaxing!

~Madison & Andi

Tennessee Girl said...

Oh wow, I'm sorry! :( Enjoy your relaxed day!!

~Penelope (and TN Girl)

Mary Beth said...

Oh, ouch! That sounds really painful! I hope you heal up and feel much better soon! Jen, take extra good care of your Mom right now, and give her a little lick and wag for me!

Shadow said...

OMG! I hope she's ok!