Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Yesterday was pretty good; Mom decided she didn't want to go to the outlet malls with the rest of the group, so she and I and Cory stayed back at the house and chilled for the day. It was really nice to just sit and relax for a while. When they got back, Grandma gave me PRESENTS!!! I got a new collar that says "I Love My Big Dog" with a leash to match, and a lot of new toys; my favorite is a squeaky beer bottle! We went down to the beach while Mom and Aunt Robyn relaxed in the hot tub; Aunt Josie and Aunt Kaeli apparently thought it would be a fun idea to pick me up and have Grandma take pictures of them holding me...NOT my idea of fun!!!

Today we're going to the movies to see "Get Smart" and Aunt Robyn and Aunt Kaeli and Aunt Josie and Grandma are talking about going parasailing this week; another thing Mom refuses to do because she's afraid of heights. Oh, well.

That's it for now.

Until next time,


Andros said...

You guys are having fun!

Andros said...

Oh, that graduation thing would be fun! I am actually showing in the MI state dog show on that same day in Lansing, MI. Otherwise I would LOVE to meet you there! The next for sure time I will be there is May 09 when I turn in Andros. I am 15, I started raising when I was 13. It's nice to meet a graduate! I love hearing those experiences.

Maddie said...

Hello! I'm raising my second puppy, Tyanna, for CCI! When I was last at the kennels a while back I saw Jen in her kennel going through advanced training!

Shadow said...

My owner/trainer saw Get Smart she said that it was good, and when she came home she watched some old Get Smart tapes from the TV series!The leashes and collars sound great!