First post of many.

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. I know my mom originally wrote this post but we decided that I'd take over the duty of writing the blogs because I'm better at it. ;)

Since this is my first post, I thought I should talk about our separate histories. I guess since my mom has more authority, she should go first.

She was born in Youngstown, OH on Feb 15, 1990, via C-section, three months premature with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She also had a twin sister who was born three minutes after she was, who was unaffected. Doctors thought that she would never walk, or write. They told her parents to get a wheelchair and a laptop so that she could live as normal a life as possible. Little did they know what a fighter she was. Today, she is a college freshman who has the determination and drive to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. (She's currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree as an Intervention Specialist for Mild to Moderate Disabilities at Muskingum College.) She is confident that with the help of God, her friends, her family, and ME she can succeed in whatever life throws her way.

Now it's MY turn.

I was born in California on Apr 19, 2006. My parents were Larix (sire) and Tiffi (dam) and I and my other six littermates comprised their "J" litter. My puppyhood was unique in that I had not one, but THREE volunteer puppy raisers!! My first volunteer puppy raiser, Miss Jill Goldman, received me from the North Central Regional Center in June of '06 when I was about nine weeks old. She raised me until I was about nine months of age when, due to changes in life circumstances, she returned me to CCI to be finished by another puppy raiser. My second volunteer puppy raiser, Miss Mary Beth Kopechek, received me in January 2007 when I was about nine months old. She raised me until I was fifteen months old in July 2007, and then she turned me over to Randy and Melissa Roberts, who fostered me for my final month before matriculation into Advanced Training at the North Central Regional Center in Delaware, Ohio.

Interesting? I sure hope so! I'm going to go help my mom pack for our upcoming beach vacation; we leave at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning!!!

Until next time,


Moody McCall said...

Hi Kara. I am looking forward to following your blog.

I am a puppy raiser in the SE region. My first pup went to a 29 year young lady with CP. I love hearing from her each week. Good luck in school.


Tennessee Girl said...

Hi Kara and Jen! Welcome to the CCI blogging world!

I was (still am at heart) a puppy raiser for NC (now it would be SE) and I have a friend with CP who graduated with a Skilled Companion dog from the NW center. Good luck and have fun!
~TN Girl and Penelope III (COC pet dog)

XAgirl said...

YES! Another CCI grad with a blog. I am a three time CCI grad who has recently graduated from college...for the second time! Alehe (or Allie) is my current servicedog I received while in California. We are now living in Missoula Montana.

Looking forward to reading all abotu your adventures, and I'd be happy to share any of mine.

ann said...

Hi Jen,
I'm the PR of your sib Jelena who is loving the good life with a mom and dad who love her so much on the beach in Del Mar.
I am trying again with Wyanne, who's picture you can see at adeakers.blogspot.com
I'll look so forward to following your adventures!

ann said...

oops - I should've said whose - hate those typos

Mary Beth said...

Hey Jen! It's one of your puppy raisers here! Just wanted to tell you how very much I LOVE your blog and also compliment your outstanding writing skills! Your posts make me smile and laugh! Tell your Mom and family HI for me and give them all a good wag! I'm so proud of you for all the hard work you did to get where you are today, and I also think you did a fabulous job picking out your family! You're one smart puppy! :-)

Mary Beth said...
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Shadow said...

I LOVE reading about working dogs! we'll keep checking back!