Dog days of summer.

Greetings everyone!

Jen here, coming to you from sunny Cape Hatteras Island, NC! We got here yesterday about 4:30 after spending 12 hours in the car; I wanted to sit in the backseat with my mom but Grandpa demoted me to clear back with the luggage! :( He put part of the backseat down so I could still see my mom though, which was good.

When we finally got here, I met two of the nicest dogs on the way in; a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell Terrier. It's nice to know that my mom isn't the only one who will have friends here! I took my first trip to the beach last night with Grandma; sooooo fun!

I LOVE THE OCEAN! Grandma took me and Cory (Aunt Kaeli's English Bulldog pup) down last night and it was awesome! I had a new retractable leash which, unfortunately, was no match for my enthusiasm; I ended up breaking it...oops. :(

We are relaxing down at the beach today; well, we're supposed to be, but Mom refuses to go because she says it's too hot; leave it to her to ruin all my fun!!

That's about it for now; I hope everyone is having as much fun with their summer as I am!

Until next time,


Andros said...

Very fun! I love the lake...it's kinda like the ocean!

~Andros II~

Mary Beth said...

Hey Jen! Sounds like you're going to have a GREAT vacation! Make sure to help your Mom have a great vacation too! Our family is going to North Carolina next week too, but Jengo can't come with us. He'll be partying at the Carvour Dawg House instead. You remember going there a couple times? Anyhow, keep having fun, and thank you for taking time to keep us posted on your time there! I love it!

Shadow said...

Yeah, I've broken a retractible leashe b4, the neighbor's poodle is just too cute . . . . . .