What a weekend!!

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. What a weekend this has been!

Yesterday, Mom, Grandma & I went to Pennsylvania to see Grandma's aunt. I don't think she looked as bad as Mom thought she was going to, and she was even having a *good* day; she knew who Mom & Grandma were, and she was coherent, which was very good! We all realized, however, that it was the last time that we were going to see her, which cancelled out most of the good things. :-( Then we went to visit Grandma's Aunt Mary; what FUN! I got to demonstrate my tricks for her, and I even got some ice cubes out of the deal! :-)

Today was AMAZING in so many ways! Mom, Grandma, and I left at 8:30 this morning to drive up to Dublin Rec. Center to CCI's August Team Training Graduation. There were 10 teams that graduated; seven Skilled Companions, one Service, one Successor Service, and one Facility. Mary Beth & Jengo met up with us outside the auditorium place and we went inside and sat together; it was great fun getting to see Jengo again! He and I are the same size now!! :-)

Then Mom, Grandma and I went to the Center in Delaware where we got to meet Mary Beth's new CCI puppy, Dobie II! He is THE CUTEST PUP I HAVE EVER SEEN! :-D Mom and Mary Beth got lots of pictures, too! Then me and Jengo and Dobie II were allowed to go into the back training room and romp around for a little while; that was SO FUN!!!! Finally, it was time to go home. :-(

I'm going to post my favorite pictures on this entry!

That's all for now.

Until next time,

Dobie II, Jengo, and me

Tyanna, Maddie, me, and Mom

Maddie and Mom

Mom and Dobie II

Jengo, me, Mom, Mary Beth, and Dobie II

Mary Beth, Dobie II, and Mom


Andros II & Madison said...

Looks like MUCH fun! Wish I could have been there!

P.S Did you see new CCI SC Phyllis she was raised in my chapter! I love Phylli!

Shadow said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I like the new background! I was going to make a new one for my blog, but when I did it in paint, it was too big, oh well I'll figure it out some day!

Shadow said...

Thanks! I'll try it and maybe sometime soon I can make a new background!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Dobie II is SO cute! Actually, they're all really pretty!