So this is it...

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Thought I'd hop on and write a quick post as Grandpa loads the car in preparation for tomorrow morning. No one in our family can believe that it's already time for me & Mom to go away to college! Mom & I are just excited!! Grandma's already done the whole "How could you two DO this to me?!" and "I don't want you two to go!" bit. Ahh...

The excitement mounts for us as Mom & I prepare for our last night at home for a few weeks; pretty much our whole immediate family has either stopped by or called us to wish us well in our college endeavors tonight!!! :-) Now we are just getting the last minute things together here at home so that in the morning we can just get up & go!

Mom & I will miss you all so much, and I'm pretty sure I see tears on the horizon as she sits next to me while I type this. WE LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR THOUGHTS & PRAYERS!!!!!!

The blogs may be scattered from this point, but I will blog when I have the time.

That's all for now.

Love & God Bless,
Jen II and Miss Kara