Only two more weeks!

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. Today is Friday, meaning that there are only two more weeks until Mom & I move into Muskingum; YAY!

I just have to share the great news I got yesterday! Mom & I got an email from my stellar PR, Mary Beth, introducing us to her newest CCI Pup-in-Training, Dobie II! (Pryde x Breezey) Mom & I are lucky because we got to follow Cath's breeder journals on the CCI groups and watch Dobie grow from day one!! Mary Beth attached photos to the email, and I gotta say, that pup is pretty darn cute! She FINALLY got a yellow pup after raising three black pups in succession! (Steed [SD in Michigan] me [we all know where I am!] and my *little brother*, Jengo [currently in training at the Kopechek Puppy Academy; TI Nov. '08]) Every time we get an email from her, it makes us realize how much we miss Mary Beth. :-( Hopefully, though, Mom & I can work out some way to see her, Jengo, and Dobie on the weekend of the 16th, which is Team Training Graduation! Mom says if we go she is DEFINITELY bringing the camera so that we can take pictures with all of our CCI friends to hang on the bulletin board in our dorm room!!

That's all for now.

Until next time,


Madison said...

You can't forget to hang ME on the wall!!! We'll have to talk sometime so I can see your College pics! You should be this GREAT picture my dad took of me and Andros! I am going to send it to you! look out for it! And I will expect to be on the board!!!!!

~Madison & Andros II

Shadow said...

Sounds great! You just can't keep the same background for more than a week can you? lol! :)

Shadow said...

That's ok! I was thinking about making mine bigger too!!! In fact I might go work on that now . . . .