The best *little brother* ever!

Greetings everyone!

Jen here. So I have this amazing buddy. His name is Jengo, and he's my puppy raiser Mary Beth's ninth (and current!) CCI pup! I figure since I came before him as Mary Beth's ADIT, and we have almost the same name, and we look alike(ish), he warrants the title of *my little brother*! He's getting turned in in November, so I still have some time with him, but I haven't got a chance to play with him and teach him since February when Mom and I graduated! :( I will hopefully get to see him next month if Mom and I can find a way to get to the Team Training graduation!!! Jengo, you're AWESOME, and I just know you're going to do great in Team Training; make me PROUD, little bro!!!

Love, your big sister,
Jen II

Here are some pictures of Jengo, borrowed, once again, from my stellar puppy raiser, Mary Beth!


Shadow said...

Wow! That one of Jengo as a pup is sooooo cute! I had a brother, he was an apricot, but we didn't both get the same home!

Mary Beth said...

WAY COOL! Jengo is very honored and thrilled to get to be on a blog! He's here at my feet chewing a bone at the moment and wanted me to tell you that he is so proud of his big sis Jen and loves her very much and hopes to see her soon!